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Z. László Nagy - Curriculum Vitae

Date and place of birth: 29th August 1960, Budapest (Hungary)

Nationality: Hungarian
Permanent address: Liget u. 8., Budaörs, H-2040, Hungary
Tel: (+36)-(23)-424-545
Mobil: (+36)-(30)-343-5686
Office address: Liget u. 8., Budaörs, H-2040, Hungary



Date Institutions attended Qualification
1966-1974 Elementary School Elementary School
1974-1979 Secondary High School for Food Industry and Fermentation Biology Matriculation Specialisation in Food and Fermentation Biology
1984-1985 Photography High School Specialisation in Photography
1986-1989 Political (Evening) High School Diploma
1988-1989 Journalist High School Specialisation: Photo reporter Diploma
1999-2007 Participated with success on a number of various MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access,
Windows 2000 Server system/network administrator, EY AWS training courses

Work Experience

1979-1985: Plant Protection Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: technical assistant, scientific (macro and high-speed) photographer
1985-1992: Hungarian News Agency, Life Photo Office of the Agency: photojournalist
1990-1992: I spent two years in Japan. During this period I took 35,000 photographs conveying Japan and its culture
1991-1992: PLOT Co. Ltd.(in Tokyo): photographer/photo reporter
1992-1993: FORTUNA Press Ltd. FORTUNA (monthly magazine): photojournalist
1993 április –1997 június: KÁPÉ (weekly economic journal, owned by Ringier AG, Zurich, Switzerland): photo/picture editor, photographer and PC system administrator
1997 június – 1998 április: Privát Profit (monthly magazine):photo/picture editor, photographer and PC system administrator
1998 május – 1999 július Teszt Magazin (monthly magazine):photo/picture editor, photographer and PC system administrator
1999 szept. – 2007 június Ernst & Young Ltd. IT Senior Consultant (system administrator, Helpdesk service, DTP and marketing support)
2007 július- Free Licence Photographer


Teaching experience

1993 –1997 : Teacher of photo techniques at Journalist High School
1994 –1997 : Teacher of photo techniques at Budapest Media Institute
2005- : Courses for employees or customers of different companies (ex: Ernst & Young)
2007- : Tutor of photography theory and practice ArtWork Photo Pest (Licensed School)
2009- : Tutor of photography theory and practice Photo Corner (Licensed School)
2010- : Course for Hungarian National Bank photography study circle


Major works (Books and publications)


Exhibitions, awards, grants

1983: Nimród International Exhibition (Budapest): 1st price
1984: Hungarian Army Photo Contest (Budapest): 1st price
1988: Life at Hungarian Technical University (Budapest): exhibition
1989: Wonderful Plant Kingdom (Photo Art Gallery, Budapest): exhibition
1991: Hungarian-Japanese Friendship Association (Tokyo): grant
1993: Japan Photo Exhibition, Néprajzi Museum Bp.
1994-2001: Japan Photo Exhibition, Debrecen, Nyírbátor, Nyíregyháza, Kaposvár, Győr, Esztergom, Veszprémi, Göd, Keszthely


Photographical and computer technique (private) entrepreneur


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Professional membership


Scientific and other membership


Tel: +36 30 343 5686 | Email: